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Providing RAW dog Food Diet . Healthy all the way to their souls !

About Us

Who we are :

   Barker's Brunch is founded by Eric and Roxanne Wadge. We are also Von Wadge Rottweilers, importing, breeding, showing and working some of Europes finest bloodlines. Our passion for our dogs is why we started Barker's Brunch. Health and love has always been priority with our dogs.

   Barker's Brunch is based in Cardinal, Ontario next to the St-Lawrence Seaway. Only 45 minutes to Ottawa, three hours to Toronto and approximately one and a half hour to Montreal.

Our personal results and findings from feeding RAW dog food diet :

   Our biggest “health problem” dog was a young female we had just purchased. When she arrived she had been on kibble and was having allergic reactions, skin issues, dry spots, hot spots to the point of no fur on her hind end at times. She could not hold her bladder for any length of time, had anxiety and repeated ear infections. She was also a hard keeper (could not keep proper weight). After many vet visits and lots of test nothing to be found other than a food allergies. We tried almost every high end kibble available including vet prescribed food, but her condition only worsened her issues. After a year of this finally we got the RAW. Within 3 days the anxiety had calmed down, she could actually hold her bladder for more than 2 hours. Two weeks later her skin was perfect ! No hot or dry spots for the first time in 12 months, she has not had any ear infections since, she is now a nice lean healthy weight, her coat is also the nicest coat I have ever seen in our breed !


   We have found that older dogs GREATLY benefit from the RAW diet. Approximately two years ago our oldest female was over weight and was on little to no kibble, her coat wasn't like it used to be, her hip was starting to hurt, her general health seamed to be fading fast. At this point we had just started educating ourselves and finding suppliers. We started our old girl on the RAW and within weeks she was so happy, full of life, not in pain, her teeth looked amazing for a 9 year old dog. She was also at a nice healthy weight and has maintained it since. People now think she is a puppy when they visit ! UPDATE - after a visit to our local veterinarian and blood work done - our old girl is as healthy as can be ! at 12 yrs old now she has absolutely no health concerns, no pain, excellent muscle tone, good weight and all blood work returned completely normal for a 3 yr old dog ;) we were asked what we feed, when the vets heard we feed RAW they couldn't beleive it ! They even noted her teeth were cleaner than most 2 yr olds that come in for routine visits ! as the saying goes "the proof in in hte pudding, or in this case the RAW !"


   Being a breeder we have other dogs come to our home for training, breeding etc. Some arrive in rather poor health, so of course we start them on RAW and with in days or weeks at most, they are new dogs ! Breeding bitches arrive underweight, poor coat and teeth condition and often under muscled. With the RAW food we are able to get them to a healthy weight and in top show condition in no time ! Similarly stud dogs have arrived as well in similar condition and leave our home with their owners in awe over their improvement . We have also found that the RAW diet ups the stud dogs drive for breeding. (see our lamb products for Lamb Testicles, natural boost of testosterone)


   Our puppies have had amazing results with the RAW diet. We usually start introducing the RAW beef mix at about 3 to 4 weeks as it soft and easy for them to eat. We have found that the pups have a much nicer gradual growth. They are much leaner and well muscled. For large breed, like ours, their gradual growth is crucial as it inhibits hip or elbow issues that can be associated with rapid growth at a young age.  The RAW diet again ups their drive and they are easier to train as they are very food driven. Another great part of introducing RAW to puppies, clean up ! Clean up is greatly reduced ! The pups stool is a much nicer consistency than seen with kibble fed pups, also the puppy odor is greatly diminished with the RAW food.


Our recommendation for feeding RAW Dog Food Diet :

The average dog requires approximately 2% of their ideal body weight. More active dogs & nursing bitch’s will require slightly more, 3-4%. As with humans, every dog if different and may require slight adjustments from the average recommendation.

Our personal findings has been that for a 100 lbs dog, they require approx 2lbs of RAW dog food per day. A 50lb dog would require approx 1 lb of RAW dog food per day etc………..

Please not e that this is just our personal findings and recommendations for feeding RAW diet.

Please see the link below for dog food calculator 





Our recommendations for starting RAW dog food diet :

   When we start a dog on RAW Dog food diet we start them on a beef organ mix before introducing other meats. We have found that some dogs take sometime to adjust to the RAW dog food, keeping a consistent diet will help with the adjusting, keep it simple ! Once they have adjusted you can introduce, chicken backs, necks, turkey, rabbit, lamb etc.........

We also only feed once per day. We have found through our self educating that a dogs intestines are like an accordion and unless they are full with food they don't expand to allow glands, which are between the fold of the intestine, to absorb nutrients efficiently. This also helps the dogs feel fuller  longer. Again this is our personal findings.


What to expect when you start feeding RAW dog food diet :

We have found that in the first few days dogs may :

· Refuse to eat at first glance, some dogs don't like the texture, others devour it !

· Throwing up and re eating of the food (may occur in some dogs)

· Some dogs may get loose stool , not common but may occur

· Less water consumption

· Less poop clean up

· Reduced ear, breath and doggy odor

· Reduced or eliminated allergies & skin issues

· Better weight control

· Overall happiness and improvement in your dog !








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