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Barker's Brunch

Providing RAW dog Food Diet . Healthy all the way to their souls !


new retail location at

2099 Dundas St

Cardinal ON

K0E 1E0 

Providing “RAW” dog food diet to the Ottawa and surrounding areas including the St-Lawrence Seaway !

   As breeders we have encountered dogs with issues such as, dry skin, ear infections, food allergies, digestive issues, picky eaters and the list goes on. We have also had to overcome other obstacles in our business like dog odor and hair in the house and the disposal of large amounts of poop.

   After encountering these issues, we set out to find solutions to these obstacles. Consulting with several vets, nutrition specialists, the internet and our fellow dog people we found ourselves trying different commercial foods and vitamin supplements. After self educating ourselves through books, internet and animal experts we decided RAW was the way to go. Though,  being a kennel with several dogs we found that we could not afford commercial RAW dog foods. Our second problem was getting a constant supply of the products we required. 

   We have developed a network of suppliers and invested in stock to provided people with an affordable reliable source for RAW food. 






We are not veterinarians or specialist ! We are breeders who have encountered issues with dogs health and found that a RAW dog food diet is the way to keep OUR dogs happy and healthy  ! The topics we discussed and the information given is strictly our findings, results or recommendations.

Please see our information links to educate yourself on RAW dog food diets. There are many controversies , beliefs, theories and proven results out there to help you decide if RAW is best for your dog !

Barker's Brunch accepts no responsibility for the outcome should you start feeding our food to your pets. It is YOUR responsibility to educate yourself, if you do not feel that RAW diet is right for you or your dog, or you are simply not comfortable with the RAW diet, you should not feed it. This is why it is so important that you self educate on how, what and when to feed RAW ! We have provided our personal results and findings for you to see and also MANY links to other RAW providers, breeders, veterinarians etc……

Barker's Brunch is simply here to provide a reliable supply of RAW dog food diet !


Always feed RAW diet completely thawed, raw state NOT frozen or cooked

NEVER cook bones ! Bones become brittle and splinter when cooked. This can injure or possibly prove fatal for your dog ! NO COOKED BONES ! EVER !



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